Vangel Project

Waterline Design

Well House – elevation approx 2490
There is three phase power here

Pump test was done 9/8/14
water static level at 370 ft
10 gpm
??  hp pump  – depth of pump ??

Well head

Main line from pump house 3″ id steel

Tanks elevation approx 2590
2 steel tanks of unknown condition
1 plastic tank
1 old wood tank – non usable
Various filtering systems
1 pump
1 electric panel

Old wood tank to be removed
Line going down goes to draft hydrant

8′ x 24′ steel tank

Main line enter tank with “Y” fitting going to wood tank and draft hydrant

Rotten wood under tank

Plastic tank 1500 g
Water goes from horizontal tank – through reverse osmosis system and into plastic tank


Line going down to DH

Main line going down hill to pump house

Horizontal steel tank 8′ x 18′
2″ fill line into top of tank – off main line

Main line going down to the pump house


Draft hydrant 120 ft east from old wood tank