The Wheel House – Hate Permits and Building Inspectors?

by Otis Bradley

What do this guy and ……..

and this house … have in common ???

They’re both giving it to the man !

That’s right ,” blank” the establishment man ! “I’m sick and tired and I’m not going to take it any more!.”

Hate rules, regulations and building permits ????  Take maters into your own hands.

Every time I go to the Building Department, I see frustrated homeowners trying to figure out the permit process.  Every year more rules and regulations fill the building codes and local requirements.  It seems impossible to even fix up your own place.

I know one owner (we will call her “Mary”) who decided to take it into her own hands and built the “Wheel House,”  figuring a “temporary” structure, and particularly a moveable one built on the chassis of an old trailer,  would be “exempt” from the rules.  Owning a large parcel of land in a heavily regulated state, the process of permitting the job could take several years and cost tens of thousands of dollars.  And, once completed with the permitting the infrastructure requirements of the road grading, the water well, the septic system, electrical power all have to be done before she can consider doing the grading for the house pad.

Well Mary said “phoooey!”

Locating an old 4 wheel trailer and using a unique light weight structural plywood panel from SingCore, Mary built about a 16 x 12 foot, single room cabin with a shed roof and some commercial doors salvaged from an old bank demolition – all on top of the old trailer.  Her kitchen is a camp stove and her toilet is a composting one.  Add a little deck and an amazing piece of property and you have a little piece of paradise !  Salvaging a generator and a heater from an old RV, Mary has all the comforts of home.

Sustainable ? – certainly low impact – light use of resources – recycled materials ….

We got the scoop on Dwell on this one !

If she ever sells the property – who knows – she may just roll the wheel house down the road to the next stop!

SingCore – The company that makes the panels used by Mary
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Here at Singcore, we are manufacturing the newly patented, composite material of the future: Sing honeycomb. Our Sing Honeycomb panels are versatile, lightweight, extremely strong, economical, and true-flat, making them perfect for many applications. The secret of the Sing Honeycomb panel is in the Singcore. Our Singcore utilizes torsion box sandwich core technology, making it ideal for multiple building applications.

All of the materials used in our panels are proudly made in USA. We use water resistant and water proof glue to ensure our panels’ lifetimes, light Styrofoam in coordination with our vertical grain veneer to ensure strength, and cutting edge manufacturing technology to ensure flatness. The cosmetic possibilities are endless: we can put many different surface skins on our panels. A few examples are stainless steel, aluminum, luan and birch. Sing Honeycomb panel thickness also ranges from ½” to 4”. All of our panels are custom, and made to order.

Our Sing Honeycomb panels have the capacity to replace common building materials like plywood, MDF, solid wood, and much more.