The Supervisor – Custom Home Builders

Otis Bradley Company, Inc.

A custom home building job supervisor has a tough job …

He/she is the center point for the job – interacting with clients, who may show up at any time and demand attention – architects and designers, who may not always be able to supply the information needed in a timely fashion – trade specialists, who are typically independent small businesses – employees, sometimes late, careless or not alert to the needs of the job.

Some words to live by ….

honesty is a good policy

TCB “Take care of business”  Elvis and his guys used this !

say what you mean – do what you say

construction isn’t perfect don’t expect …

– the plans to be correct

– the client to make up their mind

– the trade specialist to show up

– the delivery to be right

– the inspector to know the code

dress nicely – no shorts  – don’t make a statement
it’s about the client not you

never tell the client  – “it’s not possible”

never talk about another job – right now this is the only job!

be on time
expect to be the first on the job and the last off

document – document – document

photo – photo – photo

measure once, twice, three times or more, you are responsible

be friendly respectful and firm

don’t indulge in negative talk – it breeds

go the extra mile

plan ahead – you need to be three months ahead of everyone else

plan next week’s most important goals

work your plan every day

review your plan every week

help others plan ahead – this is your job !

be especially alert at the important phase changes of the job

– ground work to foundations

– foundations to framing

– dry in

– mechanicals

– finishes


wrap up strong

learn from every job and remember
you are ..

– a leader

– an inspirationist

– a mentor

– a source of knowledge

– special


This is a tough job – do it well.