The Ojai Skinny House

The Ojai Skinny House is a design based on the popular idea of modular housing.  Each time I have tried to do a house using modular technology, it hasn’t worked !  Here are some of the reasons:

  • Final cost was more expensive than building on site
  • Design couldn’t be changed to take advantage of the views
  • Too expensive/difficult to deliver to the site

This home is designed to be small and efficient using the outdoors as a big living room.  Also, since covered parking is required in some areas of Ojai, this design makes those spaces beautiful and usable for other purposes than housing a car (who needs it in SoCal).  The house opens to the North, taking advantage of the mountain views while using passive solar design to keep the house cool with large shading overhangs, high interior ventilating windows and glass garage doors facing north.

This particular house is designed to 640 square feet (max guest house size in the City of Ojai – county allows bigger).  This allows the owner to build a main house later.

Using the concrete slab as a finished floor helps keep the house cool in the summer.

Shade structures are used to create outdoor rooms.

Interior of kitchen/living

Master bedroom



Floor plan