Success Stories

Ojai New Construction

Ojai Rastra New Construction

“When we purchased this home, the inspector said it was the best-constructed house he had inspected, and he routinely does inspections everywhere from Malibu to Santa Barbara.”

Eric S. ~ second owner of this custom built new home in Ojai

Pacific Palisades Remodel

“My wife and I have completed two remodels with Otis Bradley Company, Inc. and highly recommend Otis.

Otis’ approach to design and construction, working in conjunction with our interior designers, guided us through the projects with innovative designs and efficient, quality construction.  

Our first remodel called for revamping the interior and exterior look of our 1950 traditional California Ranch House.

We had an idea of reinterpreting the traditional home with contemporary elements and materials.  Otis generated multiple concepts and we were able to lock in on an approach fairly quickly. The interior included a new master bathroom with a unique blend of marble tiling, furniture style cabinets and contemporary “white” glass partitions for the shower and toilet area.   An expanded kitchen addition with an innovative “scissor beam” open ceiling and unique curved island counter top, and several “spaces within the space,” created a new center of our daily life. Many other amendments and details were added to make the new additions cohesive throughout the home.

The exterior called for a new facade and roof and reworking of the front entrance and foyer. The result transformed a nice but dated house and into a truly unique and fabulous “modern – traditional”.




Brentwood Remodel

The success of that project made it an easy decision for us to engage Otis again on a more substantial job in our current home in Brentwood.

That project called for a renovation of a classic Gerard Colcord traditional, with three separate structures, all of which required modernization while strictly maintaining the original architecture and integrity. The timetable was tight given the scope of the work and there were many challenges, including increasing the size and flow of the main kitchen without adding to the existing footprint. This required a creative redesign of the space and relocating a laundry room and bathroom. A poolhouse on the lower property was modernized and a dated sauna was converted into a fantastic kitchen. Literally no room in the house was untouched, with six additional bathrooms requiring modernization and updated elements and materials integrated throughout.

The fantastic result is completely in line with the intent of the original design while integrating many contemporary conveniences and an updated feel.

Otis has integrity, an eye for detail and a commitment to quality work that is all too rare. I would certainly recommend him for a project of any scope or style.  


Kevin Reilly



Mar Vista Remodel

Otis built an addition to my first home.  A rather odd post war house – Otis designed and built a new wing with a master bedroom suite and an additional bedroom.  While cleverly fitting it in between our house and garage, Otis added an open beamed ceiling, a window seat and a pop out window around the bed – all making the new addition very special and classy.

Otis designed, budgeted, permitted and built everything in an efficient and easy manner.

His dedication is unparalleled. After badly cutting his own hand in an accident, Otis was back on the job the very next day.

I’d recommend him wholeheartedly!

Sally Wilson



Hollywood Remodel

“Doing a complete renovation of our first home was a daunting project, but Otis helped us put together a budget, timeline, drawings and plans before he started construction.  Otis and his team did a great job and working  with him was a pleasure.

The home we purchased, originated as a very basic building and through the years acquired a bunch of crazy additions – modifications and a fair share of abuse!  Otis with our friend and star architect, Brian Murphy, helped us not only straighten out the mess but turn it into a hip, fun jewel of a home. 
We used lots of “white” glass to let light in yet keep privacy.  Painted the entire house white, including the new oak floors, and painted the powder room hot lipstick red !
The home was featured on “Homes with Style” on the E! Channel, and we ended up selling it to a young superstar actress!”
Charlie Windisch-Graetz
C4 Global Communications