Santa Monica – Garage Remodel / Pop Art

Every once in a while you just have to have a little fun!  A recent design/build project…

This garage looked like a dump.  The client, an avid sportsman, wanted something a little special without spending a ton of cash.

This is what it looked like before…

Let there be light – and a touch of color … and the garage is ready to party!  A new “white” glass door was a bit of an expense but made a world of difference.  The “pop art” colors play off the orange in the Douglas Fir wood – an extension of the house wood work.  This garage has lots of big boxy drywall shapes and we decided to play them up rather than ignore them.

Using a bit of real wood wainscoting and adding some Douglas Fir plywood to create some inexpensive but attractive “garage woodwork” – we were able to create lots of storage for boards, kits and other gear.  Racks handle the bigger boards and the bikes.

There is NO substitute !