Ojai – New Home Construction – Lighting Rods

Don’t you just love aerial shots! A cool way to see the lay of the land and a great way to see a new home project progressing.   Our project in Ojai is an extremely unique home.  A “French Provincial” style with super modern materials and systems.  That’s why we are installing a lightning protection system.

Ready to scaffold and start lathing for stucco – the roof is stacked – windows and doors are in – flashings installed

But as you can see – this house is on top of a mountain – right on the ridge!

We don’t often have lightning storms here and I have never seen a lightning protection system installed in Southern California but here is why we are doing it …..

A lesson learned from my brother who recently built a home on Cape Cod. His brand new home replaced an old home that had been there for 100 +/- years.  They get lots of lightning storms and the house has a big flagpole as well.  The old house was probably hit many times over the years without damage,  but the new house got hit this summer and guess what happened ???

It got fried !  The new house has all kinds of low voltage control systems and processors in the furnace, the fridge, the sprinkler system, the lighting controls, even the clothes washer.

Think about it … everything is controlled by little computer boards and circuits. Guess what is easily burned out by a lightning strike? And guess what is really expensive to repair?

So we decided to install a lightning system. Basically this is a bunch of copper rods at various high points on the roof with copper cabling leading to 4 copper ground rods. This gives the lightning a “path” to ground. An easy path

Another type of aerial from the boom lift which goes up a scary 65 feet!

Installing the lightning system