Ojai Land – Looking to build your dream home in Ojai?

by Otis Bradley

Thinking about building your dream home in Ojai ? …. good choice.

Ojai is an amazingly unique little town nestled in the mountains just 15 miles from the Ventura coastline.

Facts about Building in Ojai

First of all the City of Ojai is only about 4.5 square miles with a population of about 7,500 – Ojai has it’s own building department

The greater Ojai area, including Meiners Oaks, The East End and Upper Ojai are all in the “unincorporated” area of Ventura County – which has its own building department.

In addition to the rules and regulations from the building departments – it is important to also consider the following:

  1. Fire Department
  2. Utility availability – electric, water, gas, phone, internet
  3. Roadways – or lack of approved roadways
  4. Scenic restrictions
  5. Seismic issues and fault lines
  6. Native American restriction

Larger Parcels of Land for Sale in Ojai

Larger parcels of land are generally more complicated to permit than “in town” lots.

East Sulphur Mountain Road    50 acres   $1,500,000

The West Ridge is 50 acres. It has a really large building envelope covering the entire ridge top.
Preliminary septic and geology work done.  Permanent power is installed at the well site .
The well is certified at 20 gallons/minute.
There is a secluded guest house site that could be accessed directly from Sulphur Mtn road.
The property is all south of Sulphur Mountain Road (but extends down and includes the road).

East Sulphur Mountain Road    68 acres   $1,100,000

The East End  is 68 acres.
The building envelope is all the property on the ridge top Sulphur Mountain Road and the big flat area to the east of the Termo site on the north side of the road.
The well and permanent power is installed at this location.
It would be a good place for garden, barn, corrals and a caretaker residence.
It is convenient, flat, has a paved road down to it.


I am not a real estate agent and do not have a financial interest in any of the above properties, but I have built homes in these areas and have many years of experience and local knowledge in working with  the various rules and regulations in the area.  Please call me if you are interested in purchasing land in the Ojai area.