Ojai – Installing Timber Frame Trusses in an ICF House

Ojai ICF Insulated Concrete Forms Project

After nothing but foam blocks and concrete on the job for a couple of months,  the sweet piney smell of Douglas Fir on the job is delicious.  I love framing homes – love  the art of toe nailing 8 penny nails to synch a 2x tight, love the wood – love the smell – love the symmetry of 16″ on center.

But what’s really fun is the chance to use massive timbers.  This project is rooted in the French Provincial design – back to the time that buildings were built of big stones and large timbers. (And without building inspectors!)  Part of the reason we used the ICF blocks was to create the feel of an authentic 15th c building – built of stone.  the walls are a massive 15 inches thick.

The great room is about 20 x 30 feet and 25 feet tall.

 The Trusses Arrive – weighing in at about 1400 lbs. each

Waycasy Crane Service Helps Out

The timber trusses have a distressed finish and will be visible in the great room

The mortise and tenon joinery adds to the authentic look and feel of the ancient style of building