OBC – How to Name an Email Document – Help Your Job Run Smoothly

Otis Bradley Company, Inc.

How to Name an Email Document !

The Problem

We get 1000’s of emails for each project!! Typically, 20 to 50 trade specialists (thats you!) work on each job. These emails may contain proposals – invoices – lien releases – Ect. (Believe me this paperwork is hard on us too). Here’s what a typical email attachment name looks like:

Examples emails we receive:



“Otis Company inv 599 Inst 9-12.xls”

We have NO IDEA what its for, who its from….
Its hard for us to process your invoice and PAY YOU!!!

The Solution

Here’s a better way.

Standard format for labeling an email document:
(Job Name)_(Your company name)_(Type of document)_(Date)

*** Please note the date format. (year_month/day)

HELP US – HELP YOU. Not only will this help us process your invoices but probably a better way to organize your files.

Thank You,