Leaving Las Vegas – The New American Home 2013

I love Vegas … for the fist day… and hate it the next…. Overstimulous!!!

This house is the same.  8 bar areas, 5 pools and 25 TV’s … but they’ve got some solar panels !  Ohh and 3 bedrooms.

Break the mold … these show houses are supposed to do this.  This year’s 8,000 square foot, “New American Home” was designed and built by Blue Heron.  They took every feature you could imagine and threw it on the wall so to speak.  I am in awe at the way they were able to put all the parts and pieces of this house together.  From a technical point of view its amazing, but who would live in this house?

Look at this floor plan !!! – click on plan for larger image

The front elevation…

This “outdoor living area” has both 4 heat lamps for the cold and a misting system for the hot days.  Guess that’s what you do with desert living!

This is the “indoor/outdoor” bedroom next to the master bedroom.  The rock walls are loose rock in a “gabion” which is a metal cage used to hold rock.  Typically these are used to hold up stream beds from erosion or retaining walls in civil engineering projects.

Jesus walked on water … now you can too !

This beautiful wood table may be the only real wood used in this house.