I hate my Builder !

“The Fed Up Zone” as my friend the Landscape Architect calls it …

Seems there comes a time in every job when the Client is fed up !
Fed up with making decision
…. and more decisions
…. endless decisions

“I thought that’s why I hired an architect and an interior designer”

Fed up with spending money
…. and more money ¬†(they all cost more for one reason or another)

Fed up with the permits, and the mess and the finish colors and the tile details

Fed up with the builder
… cause he hasn’t finished
… cause he asks too many questions
… cause those bills are so big !

And the Builder ….
is sick and tired of bending over backwards to try to solve all the problems…
… the constant changes from the client, the architect and the designer
… trying to make sense of a plan
….. tired of asking for the ¬†specifications

Sometimes all you can do is grin and bare it!  Work through to the other side!