Wood Framing – New Home Construction – Pacific Palisades

By: Otis Bradley


Mmm the sweet smell of wood!  According to the NAHB (National Assoc. of Homebuilders), 90% of houses are wood framed.


When I was a kid I used to marvel at the guys walking the plate (walking on the top of a 2×4 wall – which is 3 1/2″ wide) with their 22 oz, framing hammers, nail bags and great tans. Framing was an art – there were no air guns. You had to be able to drive a 16d spike in a single blow (a big framing nail) or toe nail an 8d (using a shorter nail on an angle to pinch the 2×4 tightly to the plate) at the perfect angle.


Wood !


Many of today’s “carpenters” have never swung a hammer, don’t know how to “toenail.”  Wood has changed.  We use “engineered” wood – wood chips glued together to form beams of sheets of “plywood.”  But wood remains the material used to build most houses.




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Cape Cod Boat House – New Custom Home

Nothing like Cap Cod for lobstah rolls, fried clams and a style of home that’s loved across the country – The Cape!

This fabulous home sits on the edge of Uncle Roberts Pond – a tidal pond flowing into Hyannis Bay. The home replaces a long time family home originally built in the early 1900’s by the current owners great grandfather. The old home, built for summers had no heat – lots of drafty windows crooked floors and Cape Cod moldiness.

The new home takes its place – true to the original style and similar looking except that its brand new – state of the art construction with solar panels, radiant heat, high tech windows …… and a new boat house.

This photos shows some of the detail of the airy boat house structure that houses four bedrooms.  Notice the exposed “rough framing” members and the cedar walls.

The owners, avid “boatsmen” and college crew fanatics, loved the idea of the classic boat houses that line the shores of rivers where Ivy League College crews  practice.  But, rather than use the “boat house” for boats, the bedrooms are used by the three sons.  The building is designed to encourage air flow to cool the often hot humid summer nights.  Taking a cue from middle Eastern design, the tower actually draws hot air up and out.

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Wood – The Real Stuff – Quarter Sawn Oak

 Wood … seems we have forgotten what real wood looks like these days !  Everything is made of chip board, MDF, plywood or plastic.  Often we see poor imitation or  microscopically thin veneer (like a skin) over plywood that is used for most cabinets.

 The Arts and Crafts  Movement appreciated wood – oak to be specific – quarter sawn oak to be even more specific.  Stickley, Morris and others produced the beautiful, sturdy furniture of quarter sawn oak.

It looks like this:



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