Colored Concrete Slab with Radiant Heat Video – Ojai New Home Construction

by Otis Bradley

Gotta love concrete !

Colored, Smooth Finished, Radiant Heated Concrete Floors

What you see in the video above is a new custom home we built in Ojai, California.   The home, which has many special environmental features, is built on a concrete slab which is both the structural foundation of the home as well as the finish floor.  The concrete is integrally colored, meaning we add pigment and mix it in the concrete, rather than add a stain or paint on top of the concrete.  This particular rich chocolatey color actually lightens up quite a bit as the concrete cures.

The Finish

It’s crucial to have enough skilled concrete finishers on the job.  When concrete goes off (hardens) the troweling has to be done at just the right time. By scoring the concrete in just the right places and by trowelling the concrete smooth the end result is a luxurious finish floor.   And the thick mass of the concrete keeps the house cool in the summer and with the radiant tubing – warm in the winter.