New Construction in Southern California – Weather and Project Management

By: Otis Bradley


Sunny California is usually such an easy place to build – weather wise – we take it for granted.

I heard a story (not my job) of a guy doing a roof tear off in July in a little town in Southern California. Not thinking twice about rain, he removed the entire roof without providing any protection. Guess what? A freak summer storm rolled in and drenched the building and all of the stores that were doing business below. Can you spell L A W S U I T ?

The year this project occurred was during the El Niño storm season. From all of the water entering the home, clay muck sticks to your shoes 4″ thick! Because this happened the builder now had to deal with the following Hazards:

  • slippery
  • dangerous
  • the job site port a potty was the job site…
  • mold
  • guys don’t show up
  • mud


Although, building in Southern California seems like the perfect place to be, things can still happen and sometimes lead to disasters at your job site.




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New Home Construction Mind Map

by Otis Bradley

I like these “Mind Maps,” a different way at looking at a process.

A custom home requires the collaboration of many parts!

Click on plan for larger image


Otis Bradley Company, Inc.
Feel free to copy, share or re post this article
Kindly make sure to include this information
Written by Otis Bradley, a Custom Home Builder, in Southern California
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OBC – How to Name an Email Document – Help Your Job Run Smoothly

Otis Bradley Company, Inc.

How to Name an Email Document !

The Problem

We get 1000’s of emails for each project!! Typically, 20 to 50 trade specialists (thats you!) work on each job. These emails may contain proposals – invoices – lien releases – Ect. (Believe me this paperwork is hard on us too). Here’s what a typical email attachment name looks like:

Examples emails we receive:



“Otis Company inv 599 Inst 9-12.xls”

We have NO IDEA what its for, who its from….
Its hard for us to process your invoice and PAY YOU!!!

The Solution

Here’s a better way. Continue reading “OBC – How to Name an Email Document – Help Your Job Run Smoothly”

The Supervisor – Custom Home Builders

Otis Bradley Company, Inc.

A custom home building job supervisor has a tough job …

He/she is the center point for the job – interacting with clients, who may show up at any time and demand attention – architects and designers, who may not always be able to supply the information needed in a timely fashion – trade specialists, who are typically independent small businesses – employees, sometimes late, careless or not alert to the needs of the job.

Some words to live by ….

honesty is a good policy

TCB “Take care of business”  Elvis and his guys used this !

say what you mean – do what you say

construction isn’t perfect don’t expect …

– the plans to be correct

– the client to make up their mind

– the trade specialist to show up

– the delivery to be right

– the inspector to know the code

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