Pasadena Historic Preservation

From the Pasadena Heritage News – an interesting article on how Pasadena, a city that takes preservation seriously, handles illegal construction. Note the penalty – 4 years no construction allowed !



City Levies Penalty for Illegal Demolition

The City of Pasadena recently issued a ruling against the owners of a project on Prescott Street where an eligible historic home was virtually demolished against city code and without proper permits. Neighbors alerted the city when they believed work on the property was going far beyond the permitted plans. After calls to our office by the neighbors months ago, Pasadena Heritage offered free architectural consultation to the owners. That offer was rejected.

On November 18th, the Historic Preservation Commission voted unanimously to support city staff’s determination that this was an illegal demolition of an historic resource. Pasadena Heritage attended the Commission meeting to speak in support of the staff’s action and joined Craftsman Heights’ residents in expressing sadness and frustration at the loss of this architecturally significant home. The penalty is that no construction can take place on the site for four years, however, there are other remedies the owners can pursue that could allow an acceptable project to move forward.

Photo credit: City of Pasadena