Cape Cod Boat House – New Custom Home

Nothing like Cap Cod for lobstah rolls, fried clams and a style of home that’s loved across the country – The Cape!

This fabulous home sits on the edge of Uncle Roberts Pond – a tidal pond flowing into Hyannis Bay. The home replaces a long time family home originally built in the early 1900’s by the current owners great grandfather. The old home, built for summers had no heat – lots of drafty windows crooked floors and Cape Cod moldiness.

The new home takes its place – true to the original style and similar looking except that its brand new – state of the art construction with solar panels, radiant heat, high tech windows …… and a new boat house.

This photos shows some of the detail of the airy boat house structure that houses four bedrooms.  Notice the exposed “rough framing” members and the cedar walls.

The owners, avid “boatsmen” and college crew fanatics, loved the idea of the classic boat houses that line the shores of rivers where Ivy League College crews  practice.  But, rather than use the “boat house” for boats, the bedrooms are used by the three sons.  The building is designed to encourage air flow to cool the often hot humid summer nights.  Taking a cue from middle Eastern design, the tower actually draws hot air up and out.

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Ojai – Installing Timber Frame Trusses in an ICF House

Ojai ICF Insulated Concrete Forms Project

After nothing but foam blocks and concrete on the job for a couple of months,  the sweet piney smell of Douglas Fir on the job is delicious.  I love framing homes – love  the art of toe nailing 8 penny nails to synch a 2x tight, love the wood – love the smell – love the symmetry of 16″ on center.

But what’s really fun is the chance to use massive timbers.  This project is rooted in the French Provincial design – back to the time that buildings were built of big stones and large timbers. (And without building inspectors!)  Part of the reason we used the ICF blocks was to create the feel of an authentic 15th c building – built of stone.  the walls are a massive 15 inches thick.

The great room is about 20 x 30 feet and 25 feet tall.

 The Trusses Arrive – weighing in at about 1400 lbs. each

Waycasy Crane Service Helps Out

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Stone Countertop Edge Detail

Granite, marble and manufactured stone counters make beautiful surfaces for kitchens and bathrooms.

Edge detail is an important consideration to customizing your home

Stone is usually cut into slabs that are 3/4″ thick – oftentimes the edge will be “doubled up” to create a thickened look

Not the 1 1/2″ Bullnose below