Brentwood Remodel – Building a new Bar

by Otis Bradley

Project: Brentwood, California Remodel

Architecture: Gerard Colcord
Interior Architecture:  Otis Bradley Company, Inc.
Builder: Otis Bradley Company, Inc.
Interior Design: Bonesteel, Trout & Hall


Originally designed by Gerard Colcord in 1951, this American Colonial Revival style home has seen many changes.  In the 80’s, the new owner tracked down Mr. Colcord and had him design a second floor for the one story building!

During a whole house remodel, one of our projects was to design a new bar to take the place of an old cabinet,  Built of mahogany, which is used in the adjoining dining room, the new bar design is fancier but still relates to the classic architecture of the house.

  • Paneled sun room attached to the living room
  • Old book/stereo shelves
  • New custom designed bar



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