Architectural Style Eclectic ? Right for you ?

Ok – what makes us love one style and not another?

remodel oriel window

  • Tradition ?
  • Color ?
  • Functionality ?
  • Form follows function ?
  • You grew up with it ?
  • You just plain like it ?

This home belongs to my friend Brian – a cabinet maker – business man – father – husband – into radio controlled helicopters – mountain biker – to mention a few hobbies.

Thousand Oaks home remodel

Self confessed – A-D-D  in your face !   Brian is a guy with a lot of creativity and energy.  He doesn’t always follow the rules.

His style is eclectic to say the least.  Brian took a plain SoCal track home and transformed it into a fun, rich, colorful home.

The top photo is his living room – hand troweled, aqua colored plaster under a white beamed ceiling with a beautiful oriel window seat.

The entry has a stairway inspired from the famous Greene and Greene Gamble House (a highly recommended visit in Pasadena CA).

Greene and Greene stairs

The kitchen sports richly detailed moulding in addition to all of the high tech appliances and a zebra wood bar area.

ceiling design interior architecture

Traditional styles give us a language – an outline – examples to draw from … but most “traditional” design programs are modified for today’s tastes.  Many “Craftsman” style homes feature much lighter colors than the originals.

BUT – why not mix and match ?

What is RIGHT ?    A custom home is about you.  What makes you happy?

Brian Murphy – an architect, teacher, friend of mine – has a fabulous “out of the box” (as much overused as that phrase is) sense of design.

He once remodeled a mish mash house in LA that had been gone over many times before.  Instead of unifying everything – he went the other way.  Mix matched mouldings, casings and crown – he also used different styles of doors.  The result is beautiful.

You don’t always have to follow a design idea of the past.  What blows your hair back?