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Clay Tile Roofs

Beautiful clay tile roofs are part of the history of California as well as much of Europe.  In fact clay roof tiles date back thousands of years in China before spreading through Asia and to the Greeks and Romans.

Clay tiles come in many shapes and forms:

Barrel tile or two piece - is shaped like a 20 inch piece of pipe that was cut in half - only it is tapered - one piece lays on the roof facing up and the other faces down - covering a half of two pieces - something like the illustration below.


Clay tiles come in many "earthen" colors.   Often the colors are "blended" using several colors to create different effects.


By using "boosters" or small pieces of tile in between tiles - the roof takes on an appearance of an old tile roof that may have been repaired or had more texture to begin with due to the non uniform shapes of older hand made tiles.  The roof appears thicker or chunkier.



Two piece tile can be installed with or without using mortar.  Sometimes the mortar is also colored to match or contrast with the roof tile.



Example # 1
Two Piece Tile Roof Design - Uniform color and layout

In the example below notice the different colors from dark reds and browns all the way to a pale peach color.  Also notice the "lumpy texture" - this is achieved by adding boosters in the field to "thicken" the roof.


Example # 2
Two Piece Tile Roof Design - Uniform color and layout

The roof shown below is a bit more uniform in texture and color displaying an "orangie" color


Example #  3
Two Piece Tile Roof Design - Uniform color, full mortar with boosters

This roof looks as though all of the tiles are the same color but notice that there is "mortar" between the tiles.  The gives the roof another type of texture - adds to the weight of the roof (which is very heavy to begin with) and also adds to the cost of installation.



Example # 4
Two Piece Tile Roof Design - Uniform color and layout



Example # 5
Two Piece Tile Roof Design - Heavy Texture and Full Mortar

The following roof shows a very heavy texture, working with the heaviness of the rock building - lots of build up in the field - with  very uneven layout of the tile and a lot of mortar


Example # 6
Flat clay tile

This roof is a flat clay tile


Below are some of the different colors for two piece tile - often times the tile is a blend of several colors.


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