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McNell Road, Ojai, California - New custom home

  • Custom home on Ojai's east end

  • Traditional "Wallace Neff" Spanish style home

  • Green Building - Built with Rastra Block


With the roof, stucco and driveway complete, only the finish landscape is missing!




Stucco Brown Coat



Roof tile detail




Window detail - custom tile sill with deep set  aluminum clad window


Plaster walls


Porch roof - exposed framing

Groin vault in entry - note Techsheild radiant plywood
and planter cut outs in wall.

Roof framing over Rastra block


Rastra Block topped out and framing commences!

Window rough


Rastra block installation

South side - front entry on the left


Garage slab ready


Raising level of courtyard


With the floor system in - we move up another 4 blocks and prepare to cut out windows and doors. After these blocks are
grouted - only one more lift to the roof.

Walls above the floor framing

Rastra Technician with the "Rastra Lift o Matic 5000"

Front entry


Floor joists and plumbing goes in.



Attaching the floor ledger and getting ready for wood.


Looking from garage towards living room - Rastra walls



Looking from bedrooms - Rastra walls



Looking from living room towards garage - Rastra walls


Rastra block arrives - a concrete/post consumer waste styrofoam block

that will provide 12" thick highly insulated, fireproof, rot proof walls!



Setting the footings




Filling it back up!
Re compaction of the new soil for a solid base.

Importing fill


Excavators, 10 wheelers, water trucks, loaders, bob tails !

Digging out all the rocks!

Dueling excavators


Big rocks !





This is the property before grading!

Green Building?
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