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Doors and Windows

Design ideas are limitless for doors and windows ...
But below several of the more common designs are shown.

Standard height for a door is 6'-8" and 8'-0" door is also made by most door companies as a "standard."

Custom doors can be fashioned from any design concieved!


Typical examples of French doors



Fir Panel Doors

These Doors available as a Dutch Door.

Window Styles


Casement Windows and Awnings

These windows open and close with a crank handle. Casement windows swing out from the side and Awning swing out from the bottom. They're known for clean lines and uninterrupted views, and are ideal for multiple assemblies with transom and picture windows.

Double Hung Windows

These classic shapes have two vertical operating sashes that glide up and down. Our Integrity Double Hung has one of the simplest tilt-and-remove mechanisms in the business, for the easiest operation and cleaning.


Gliders or Sliders

A simple style with a horizontally sliding sash that glides open and shut. Its easy operation makes it a best seller.


Bow and Bay Windows

Bay windows come in 30 and 45 degree angles to extend from the wall, adding dimension and light to a room. The shape of a bow window gently curves out to extend the feeling of a room without adding square footage.


Round Top Windows

These curved windows are popular additions to almost any door or window in the Integrity line. Choose from quarter rounds, half round or ellipticals to suit your decor and style. Grilles further customize your round tops for a look that's just right for your home.


Polygon Windows

Integrity gives you eight popular shapes, including rectangles, triangles, pentagons and octagons. These special shapes can be used with picture windows, multiple window assemblies and doors for a unique look - or as a single visual element in a signature room.



Design Ideas & Specifications

Doors & Windows



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