2nd Floor Concrete Pour – ICF House in Ojai – New Custom Home

Its a hazy day in Ojai and a perfect 72 degrees for pouring the 2nd floor walls of this custom ICF home.  ICF – or insulated concrete forms – have been used for many years but due to our lovely climate, they haven’t been that popular in Southern California.  But ! they make sense for a number or reasons

  1. Incredible insulation – not only super tight with an envelope of foam on the inside and the outside but the 8 inch concrete core provides dense thermal mass
  2. Fireproof ?  who knows what is actually fireproof  but the military have bomb tested ICF buildings
  3. Insects don’t like it – no food (cellulose ie wood)
  4. Solid – this home sits at the top of a mountain overlooking the Pacific and 6500 foot mountains

In this photo you can see the boom pump we use to install the concrete into the walls.