Design, Plans, Permits

See … before you Build

New home or remodel, 3d design helps you visualize your options.  Two dimensional plans are impossible to fully grasp – that’s why so many people change their plans after they see the framing completed.

All our plans are created in 3d.  We literally build the house – virtually – helping you get what you want.  Additionally, the contractor will better understand what you want.


3d renderings:

  • a new kitchen in an old house
  • new master bath
  • living room layout ideas

NOTE: Sometimes quick renderings are all that are needed to make decisions – photo quality renderings are also possible – just a matter of what is required.


Plans and Permits

Yes we still have to provide all the required plans for permits and can take care of all the paperwork for you.

  • schedule
  • permit
  • energy plans
  • structural engineering

Even floor plans are better in 3d


Online Meetings

To help you get your project ready to go as quickly as possible, our online meetings allow us to meet when everyone is in a different location – someone’s at work – someone’s out of town – online meetings are really helpful and an easy to review plans and make adjustments.

Plans for your new home or remodel in Ojai and Ventura County

Design development evolves from initial dreams and wishes into various design concepts and from there into plans for permits

  • Floor plans, elevations, etc for permit drawings
  • 3d modeling of existing or new home
  • Plans and design work for contractors
  • Video “fly through” – see what your home will look like before you build it
  • Online video meetings make it easy to review ideas, make changes and move fast

Permit Processing

  • Planning review
  • Building department review
  • City engineer review if necessary
  • Corrections
  • Re submission


Preliminary Design

  • Various design concepts – loosely defined ideas
  • Floor plans, 3d Renderings
  • Review and discussion
  • Revisions and refinement

Architectural Drawings for Permit

  • Floor plans, elevations, sections, roof plan
  • Window and door schedules
  • Electrical and mechanical plans if applicable
  • Details – cabinets, bathrooms, special details

Structural Engineering Drawings and Calculations

  • Selection and sizing of structural beams
  • Concrete footings and reinforcement
  • Engineered hardware
  • Structural calculations

Environmental Plans

  • Title 24 California energy codes
  • Window and door

Other Reports

  • Soils Report
  • Water Plans
  • Septic System Plans
  • Civil Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Archaeology
  • Arborist
  • Fire Sprinkler

Preliminary model imposed over actual view !


Contemporary Craftsman


Ojai Ranch Remodel


Ojai Modern Green Design


Ojai French County built with ICF (Insulated Concrete Forms)


Cliff May style Ranch Remodel



An Easy way to Stop Sending All Ojai’s Fresh Water Down the Drain

In the recently published Ojai Valley News – quoted below – Jeff Palmer almost proposed an excellent solution to a big Ojai problem. KEEP our water in the valley DON’T  send it to the ocean. Typical methods (and codes) have previously required all concentrated drainage i.e. from roofs to be piped from gutters through pipes and onto …


Otis Bradley